Features of hydraulic diaphragm metering pump


The hydraulic diaphragm metering pump is also called a plunger diaphragm metering pump. The plunger diaphragm metering pump is driven by the driving gear 2 to reciprocate the hollow plunger 10, and the metering diaphragm is driven by the hydraulic oil in the hollow plunger 10. The hollow plunger has a specially designed regulating air to make the hydraulic oil inside and outside the plunger the same. An adjustable slip ring is provided on the outside of the plunger to close the adjusting empty. When the adjustment hole is closed, the plunger pushes the hydraulic oil inside to drive the metering diaphragm 6. In each stroke, the amount of hydraulic oil pushed by the plunger to drive the metering diaphragm is exactly equal to the amount of medium being metered.

    Hydraulic diaphragm metering pump consists of pump head, diaphragm, check valve, valve ball and other components.

    Features of hydraulic diaphragm metering pump:

    1. The measurement accuracy is better than the mechanical diaphragm pump, and the sealing performance is better than the plunger pump;

    2. No leakage, easy maintenance, low noise, easy to use;

    3. Equipped with stroke regulator can realize remote automatic control;

    4. The diaphragm is pressed from a multilayer composite structure:

    The first layer of ultra-tough Teflon acid-resistant film; the second layer of EPDM elastic rubber; the third layer of 3.0mm SUS304 supporting iron core; the fourth layer is reinforced with nylon fiber; the fifth layer is completely covered by EPDM elastic rubber, which can effectively raise the diaphragm Applicable life.

    Metering pump metering pump metering range: 0-125L / H, pressure bearing range: 0-25MPa, driving mode: motor drive, control mode: manual, automatic control, configuration mode: pump head insulation, cooling, motor can be equipped with explosion-proof.