Dry powder dosing device

01.Main Features:

Highly integrated all-in-one device

High degree of automation, the entire system is intelligently controlled by a microprocessor

The device is small in size, easy to operate and easy to install. Only water and power are needed for on-site installation

Safe and reliable work, once the equipment fails, the system will automatically shut down and send out an alarm signal at the same time

Stable performance, fully automatic control type can automatically adjust the dry powder dosage according to the change of water flow

Good corrosion resistance, all parts in contact with the medium are made of engineering plastics and stainless steel

Wide applicability, not only for liquids containing powders, granules, short and short fibers, but also for the preparation and dosing of pure liquid materials

02.Main Performance Parameter:

The dry powder passes through the screw feeder, according to the actual amount of water, and according to the specified concentration requirements, the dry powder dosage is automatically adjusted in real time, and it is accurately and reliably added to the mixer in proportion. The infiltrated dry powder enters the dissolution tank with water and stirs and dissolves. The pre-made solution will automatically overflow to the aging tank for aging, and finally enter the liquid storage tank for storage, so as to obtain a homogeneous and active dry powder solution. When the solution in the reservoir is at a high level, the configuration process is stopped, but the mixer is still working. The configured solution can be added to the dosing point via a metering pump or a screw pump. When the solution in the liquid storage tank is at the middle liquid level, the liquid level sensor will trigger the liquid level switch signal to start the device to perform the solution preparation process again.

03.Shape And Installation Dimensions:

04.Performance Parameter: