01.Main Features:

No leakage of conveying medium

Energy saving and environmental protection, high machine efficiency and good operation economy

High degree of integration, compact structure, small footprint

Can realize process automation

Advanced design and lean manufacturing to ensure long-term reliable operation of the equipment and extremely low maintenance costs

Three-cylinder structure, the phase angle of the plunger is staggered 120 °, uniform displacement and pressure

Small pulse and inertial water head, smooth transportation

The crankshaft (or eccentric wheel shaft) is made of high-strength alloy structural steel as a whole, forged and quenched and tempered, and the surface of the journal is hardened. Scientific and rigorous force analysis and structural design ensure high reliability and durability.

Crankshaft (or eccentric shaft) adopts three-support structure design, high strength, high rigidity and good reliability

The pump's internal deceleration mechanism uses an advanced multi-tooth meshing worm pair, which has a bearing capacity that is 3 to 4 times higher than ordinary worm pairs, transmission efficiency up to 92%, good dynamic oil film formation and retention, wear resistance and long service life.

The 3WM90 and 3WM125 motors are vertically arranged, which can completely solve the leakage problem of the oil seal, and have a compact structure, stable operation and small footprint.

New type built-in adjustable automatic air release safety valve, automatic oil replenishment and limit four-function valve structure, which is sensitive, reliable and superior in performance

Advanced asymmetric membrane cavity structure design and multi-directional rolling and high temperature quenching PTFE diaphragm, long diaphragm life

Ultra-high-flow and high-flow high-pressure diaphragm pumps adopt asymmetric membrane cavity structure and corrugated diaphragm, which greatly improves the service life of the diaphragm

Ball valve, wing valve, mushroom valve and other one-way valve types are available. Linear seal, smooth flow channel, high precision, good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, good sealing performance.

Piston ring seals are used instead of packing seals (such as packing, V-shaped packing, etc.), with automatic wear compensation, extremely low friction coefficient, low power consumption, changed from wearing parts to conventional parts, the service life can reach more than 3 years To avoid frequent replacement of packing, greatly reducing the workload of equipment operation and maintenance

Configurable diaphragm rupture alarm device for remote monitoring and alarm of diaphragm rupture

304, 304L, 316, 316L, 904L, Monel, HC, HB, 20 alloy, Inconel and duplex steel, etc.

02.Main Performance Parameter:

03.Shape And Installation Dimensions:


04.Performance Parameter: