WJF series dosing pump 2

01.Main Features:

WJF 系列加药泵用于石油开采集输领域,它借助抽油机摆臂的下行力作为驱动力,可精确地向原油输送管线中投加缓蚀剂、消泡剂等药剂,防止管道腐蚀,减少事故隐患,保证安全生产。

02.Main Performance Parameter:

WJF series dosing pump is a non-power source adjustable metering pump with patented technology of our company. Under the action of external force, the plunger is reciprocated up and down, and the medium is conveyed through the opening and closing of the check valve. It can transport -30 ℃ ~ 150 ℃, viscosity 0.3 ~ 800mm / s without corrosive and non-corrosive medium with solid particles. According to different technological process requirements and medium characteristics, special functions such as high viscosity, strong corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance dosing pump can be selected.

03.Shape And Installation Dimensions:


04.Performance Parameter: